Webinar: Marketers, are you ready for GDPR?

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We live and breathe data here at Akero. We’re always talking about how you should be collecting and maximising your data to target, engage and convert. But are you protecting your customer’s personal data effectively?

If you use Akero, the answer is yes; we’re the only student marketing software platform to have received the UK Government’s highest accreditation for cyber security Cyber Essentials Plus, meaning you can rest assured that your customer database is protected against Internet-borne threats such as cyber breaches and attacks.

But the current Data Protection Act is soon to be replaced with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a new law in all EU member states that will change the way organisations must collect, manage, protect and administer data.
We’re proud of our commitment to keep your data secure, and are working closely with our GDPR Practitioner to ensure that Akero is fully GDPR compliant by the time the new regulations come into play from 25th May 2018.

Why is the legislation changing?

The GDPR simply aims for a greater harmonisation of data protection law around Europe. Individual’s rights will remain the same, as will the general principles of data protection law, so, if you’re already properly complying with the current law, you shouldn’t have too many changes to implement. However, with the ICO cracking down on breaches and introducing increased penalty fines, there are some key changes that you need to be aware of.

How can I ensure I’m GDPR compliant?

To help you through the transition, we’re running a webinar with our friends at Net Natives. Our Head of Technology, Luke Kirkpatrick, will be joined by Net Natives’ Marketing Manager, Rich Campbell, and Systems Analyst, Lewis Cockle, to talk through some of the big issues, challenges and opportunities that GDPR will present.

Join us at 2pm on Thursday 3rd August for tips, insights and conversation designed to help you be more aware of the issues around GDPR and how you can get ready in time.

The content is aimed at marketers of all levels and experience who work within the education and government sectors, but marketers from other sectors are welcome to subscribe. The webinar is completely free to attend.

By subscribing you will be able to listen and ask questions in the live broadcast, receive a copy of the recording and the slides after the event, and be the first to receive a free GDPR confidence whitepaper, which will allow you to benchmark your own feelings of readiness against how your colleagues from the same sector are feeling.

What will we cover in the webinar?

Complete this survey to get the most out the webinar

To get the very most out of this webinar, we recommend that you complete the GDPR Confidence Survey. You will be able to benchmark your own sentiment on GDPR compared to other marketers and you will be amongst the first to receive our whitepaper on the subject. We will be discussing the results of the survey during the webinar.

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