Make more-informed marketing decisions with our Spring product updates

We’ve put even more power into the hands of marketing and sales teams with our latest update, providing businesses with added flexibility, power and data so that they can make smarter marketing decisions plus create, manage and map powerful stories across a multitude of touchpoints that resonate with leads. 

Want to know more? Take a look at our Spring updates to see how they benefit marketers and businesses.  

Work faster and not harder with new contact ownership features









Create a smoother lead management process and improve communication in your team with our new contact ownership feature for Akero TrueView. Users now have the ability to change the ownership of a contact with a single click, providing ultimate convenience and ease of use so that you can work faster and more efficiently.

What’s more, Akero will automatically send the new lead owner an email notifying them, providing you with the reassurance that leads are never forgotten. We’ve also included the ability to cancel the email in case the user makes a mistake, just in case!


Gain greater clarity over the lead journey with new pipeline features

Student marketing










The Kanban pipeline board that Akero TrueView users will be familiar with has been updated to make the journey of your lead passing through each stage of the funnel even clearer to every member of your team.

Arrows between each column have been added to show how a lead can travel through these stages, closed-won and closed-lost columns are clearly highlighted in red and green and the ability to close any contact at any stage of your pipeline has been added. With this, brands gain complete clarity and freedom so that they can keep their data clean and processes clear for all.


Be more creative with Akero’s Image Editor









Akero TrueView users now have the ability to be more experimental with their landing pages thanks to the addition of an image editor toolbar so that campaigns give the best possible first impression to website visitors.

Using this new editing toolbar, users can spend less time liaising with designers now that they have the tools they need to show stunning images on their fully-optimised landing page.


Improve your team’s’ efficiency with new Akero reports








Teams can now access to a number of new system reports that are automatically generated within Akero TrueView to show how your marketing activity and processes are performing to the following metrics:

Report one: Average response time

The average response time report shows on average how long leads were contacted at each stage of the conversion funnel, providing sales teams with data to help them benchmark exactly what ‘good’ looks like and set KPIs that improve the time it takes to engage with leads.

Report two: Pipeline conversion by stage

This performance report shows how many contacts and opportunities have moved from one stage to the next within any given time frame and which stage contacts were won or lost, so that teams can understand where they need to make improvements to keep leads engaged at every stage of the funnel.

Report three: Pipeline conversion by user

Our ‘Pipeline conversion by stage’ report is perfect team leaders who are looking to track overall progress of leads that have been assigned to specific team members so that they can ensure their team is in line with KPI’s and wider company goals.


Visualise the lead journey with new the workflow flowcharts

Education lead nurture







(click the image to see it in action)

Confused by automated lead nurture? Our new workflow builder within both Akero Lite and TrueView lets users build lead nurture campaigns in the form on flow charts, so that brands can visualise the entire lead customer journeys from start to finish and create more strategic campaigns.

Plus, all existing workflows that have previously built in Akero will be automatically transformed into a visual workflow which is fully-adaptable and editable to the users, cutting significant time for the user to have to re-build pre-existing nurture campaigns.


Greater personalisation for how you work with HTML forms









Want to provide highly personalised experiences for your leads with Akero forms but want the added flexibility and creativity of HTML branding? Users now have the option to use both the iframe and HTML coding so that they can choose which they would like to use within their website.

With HTML forms, marketers will be free to link Akero forms to Gmail adverts without having to liaise with their development team, so users can still enjoy the the benefits of data tracking against each lead within Akero, whilst incorporating their own creative style.


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