How did St George’s University of London achieve a 77% conversion rate and record applications?



As the only UK university to share a campus with a teaching hospital, St George’s, University of London approached Net Natives and Akero to help raise awareness of its Physician Associate Studies MSc course within the London area.

Although the course was already attracting attention, the University marketing team faced the challenge of generating high-quality leads which could be tracked and nurtured to enrolment against a backdrop of increasing competition from other universities. 

A great deal of time was being spent on administrative tasks such as qualifying, tracking, and attributing leads to campaigns. This affected the team’s’ ability to follow up quickly with high priority leads.

The team needed a way to bring all elements of their campaign together so that they could create one holistic view of their marketing and lead data, map personalised and relevant journeys through the conversion funnel, and understand their True Customer®.




Reducing administrative tasks

By building landing pages and forms within Akero, the Net Natives campaign team which incorporated features that dramatically reduced the amount of time being spent qualifying leads. Second part forms were adopted to gather lead-qualifying data, which meant the admissions team quickly identified and prioritised their hottest leads.

Simultaneously, scoring for individual leads increased automatically as, depending on how they behaved, the prospective student received targeted correspondence relevant to their requirements from the University, which further allowed the team to optimise their time.

Personalisation & nurture for each lead

Based on the data that leads gave when completing the form, the client success team at Akero mapped out automated student journeys that informed, engaged and guided leads through the conversion funnel.

Using beautifully branded HTML emails within Akero, advanced automation features including delays and chaining were used to target leads with a number of highly personalised messages to the right leads at the right time, depending on where they were within their decision-making process.

Creating a ‘True Customer View’

Using Akero’s ‘full funnel view’ functionality, St George’s, University of London could view their campaigns, lead data, student journey and analytics holistically, providing them with an accurate picture of their True Customer®, optimise and reduce wasted marketing spend and attribute leads in real time.



The admissions team saw a record number of applications for the Physician Associate Studies MSc course – with a limited number of spaces available, the team saw a 59% increase in applications, compared to the previous year and a conversion rate of 79% from offer holder to enrolment.

Jack Tomlinson, Senior Marketing Officer at St George’s University, commented: “Net Natives supported us in ensuring that St George’s were established as a leader in Physician Associate Studies in an increasingly competitive sector. Through intelligent targeting and optimisation, the campaign delivered quality leads, which, using their dedicated marketing and lead nurture software, Akero, resulted in real enrolments for our institution.”