How Orion Services are growing their leads by 50% each month with Akero

Approximately 96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy. However, when Sales and Marketing teams are in sync, companies become 67% better at closing deals.

Operating a reliable and sustainable waste management service throughout London and the UK, Orion Services encountered many common challenges that B2B companies face when generating, nurturing, and closing sales for their business.

Within six months of making Akero an integral part of their Sales and Marketing strategy, they saw a 50% increase each month in the number of leads that were generated.

Laura Warren, a part of the Orion Services Marketing team, shares the secrets behind their success – and which strategies you can apply to boost conversions for your business.


They know their True Customer®


LW: We’ve identified key decision makers, buyers and facilities managers at construction companies, as well as office and retail businesses in London, as our primary target audience, so it’s important for our messaging to match their unique requirements.


They identify their weaknesses


LW: Before using Akero, inbound leads generated from forms and landing pages on our website were stored in our previous CRM. However, the process was unreliable, and the notification delivery system continually failed, which meant that leads were often lost.

Our Sales department felt disconnected from our activity and it wasn’t always easy to attribute conversions to individual campaigns.


They’ve aligned sales and marketing


LW: Orion Services directs traffic from PPC, Email Marketing, SMS and Organic Search campaigns to attractive landing pages and intelligent forms that I build easily within Akero and then embed into our website. Akero enables us to track and follow up on those leads more efficiently from these multiple source points.

We were in need of an effective process to bring the Sales and Marketing teams together so that we could target our customers in way that naturally guided them through the conversion funnel.

The Sales team has direct access to Akero, and using an integration with Slack and Akero, the sales team are notified in real time for new leads. The notifications in Slack then takes them directly to the lead in Akero.


TIP: Replace all your current website forms with Akero smart forms and create landing pages straight out of Akero to save time and money on development. Get the Sales team involved and train them to use it to its full potential. Our sales team lives in Akero.


They’ve cut out unnecessary software


LW: Having our leads collected and managed in one system that the entire team can access is great because it saves time having to compile lists and send them on. Now the Sales team can label where within the sales pipeline a customer is, and the marketing department can instantly see results instead of having to compare spreadsheet data from different sources.


They’ve got a routine going


LW: Akero has allowed us to create a routine which benefits both the Sales and Marketing teams. A typical day for the Sales and Marketing teams will look like this:

9 am: Orion Services will generate a handful of leads overnight which I will check first thing in the morning. I will log into Akero, look over the leads to see where they’re coming from and how relevant they are.

11 am: The sales team contacts all new leads and any qualified leads get moved across the Akero Pipeline Manager for follow up.

13:00 pm: Any qualified leads that are older than 30 days that don’t get converted into a sale will receive a follow up within an Akero automated nurture workflow. This means I am assured that this is being dealt with so that I can get on with other tasks.

It’s great to see the customer journey and where they’ve come from, and it’s especially impressive to show this to the team at marketing meetings.


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