How one UK University engaged, inspired and converted prospects during Clearing season


Tracking outcomes, converting prospects.

A prominent UK university with a rich history spanning 150 years needed an effective lead nurture strategy for their Pre-Clearing activity (prospecting and nurturing potential students before their A level & BTEC results). A strategy that would reduce the number of prospective students dropping out of the conversion funnel, keep individual prospects engaged throughout the journey, with relevant content and personalised messages.

Net Natives devised a compelling creative that would resonate and inspire potential students. A variety of student prospecting campaigns containing thousands of advert permutations were created and deployed by Net Natives across multiple platforms. Targeting the ideal audience, which would engage and convert potential students, using a variety of targeting methods. But to manage this effectively, it was vital for the team to attribute students to specific campaigns and to personalise the student journey to nurture and convert automatically.

This is where Akero’s student marketing software came in…


Personalising and Prioritising

Dynamic forms created through Akero and embedded as custom HTML landing pages were shown to respondents of the advertising campaigns which had “conditional response features.” This meant that respondents received a personalised and relevant experience, dependent on the answers they gave when enquiring.

As a result, the admissions team could focus on the most qualified (the hottest) prospects first.

Tracking and Responding

Akero’s powerful tracking functionality enabled the Net Natives’ digital advertising team to view the source point for each lead and optimise in real-time to media that worked. The admissions team had a transparent view of what was happening through the nature of the SaaS element of the system.

Nurturing and Converting

The client success team at Akero built a lead nurture workflow using Akero’s advanced automation features to target users with key messages based on where the prospects were in their individual decision-making process. Automated workflow delays, chaining and branching capabilities were employed to ensure that the right personalised message influenced and converted at the right time. All automatically delivered to the right people through branded HTML emails built within Akero.

Working cohesively, these advanced automations provided reassurance that each lead was being given a personalised experience, and gave the user the most relevant experience possible based on their interactions with the university.



Over 500 leads downloaded the Clearing Guide, and the team were able to reignite relationships with those that had listed the University as their insurance offer.


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